Sunday, December 18, 2016

Warming with Building Swell.

Nice offshore conditions today.  Cold out there.  Happy Valley was in the upper 20s.  Escalona Drive near the west end bottomed out at 30F this morning around 4AM.  It warmed up to 40F around 8:30AM, and we topped out in the low 60s around 3PM.  I was on a cliff north of town at that time, and the sun felt warm on my face.  Other than that, it felt cool.  Tonight will be cold again, but things turn a bit milder beginning tomorrow.  Winds will be light, and mostly offshore from the north east the next few days.  A series of building swells arrive with the first starting tonight.  Head high up the coast.  Another fills in later Tuesday, with maybe a few head high sets in town by sunset.  By late Wednesday, a sizable swell will begin hitting, with waves well overhead in town, and double overhead plus up north.  Then on Thursday, the winds turn more on shore,  though light.

Thursday, a storm moves through north and east of us.  This will keep things from warming up much, and perhaps even cool things back down.  Weather looks clear through Christmas Eve.  Then we may see a shift back to wet weather.  This time cold wet weather.  Enjoy that sunshine out there.

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