Monday, December 5, 2016

Water Coming.

Chilly and chillier.  Cold dry storms move aloft and to our east, keeping things chill in Santa Cruz.  The sun is partly out, and when it shines on you, it does feel warm.  Overnight we will drop to the low 40s tonight and mid to upper 30s Tuesday night.  Day time highs hang sub 60F.  Wednesday night will be much warmer, due in part to cloud cover, and more due to warm air filling in from the south ahead of the next rain system.

We are still a few days out, but it looks like we will be on the south side of the bulls eye with rain moving in some time on Thursday.  The heaviest rain looks like it will come after night fall Thursday, and into the morning hours on Friday.  Depending on how that bullseye moves and shifts, we could see over an inch of rain here in town, with two plus inches in the local mountains.  The West Slope of the Sierra Nevada has a large swath of area with four or more inches of rain forecast.  This could be a good water delivery for parts of the Central Valley still in Extreme Drought.

It has been a week plus.  Prepare for the rain.  More to come.

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