Wednesday, December 14, 2016

King Tides, Rain and Coastal FLooding

We've had a little rain this morning.  Less than a tenth of an inch.  That was last nights storm, between 1AM and 5AM.  The next round comes in this evening.  Kind of.  It still looks like the heaviest precipitation will hold off until mid day Thursday.  But first, very light drizzle through this morning today.  Cloud cover sticks around, but warmer air allows us to get in the low 60s.  Light drizzle possible over night and into the morning.

We are expecting heavy rain from mid day Thursday into early Friday morning.  Two inches. This morning's forecast of the GFS is even wetter.  While the highest tides of the season are occurring today, we will see our best chance for coastal flooding during the high tide Thursday night.  With all that rain coming down, onto already moist ground, the creeks will swell, and a lot of water will run to the estuaries and ocean.  Watch for a flooding.  The commute on Friday morning could be a tough one.  Leave early and give yourself time.

And enjoy those King Tides.  Low tide this afternoon is right before sunset at 4:30 at a negative 1.5 feet.  If you like seashells or tide pools, this afternoon is going to be great.  With at AR well to our north, you can also stay relatively dry.

Still expecting clearing out on Friday and a cool, clear weekend.

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