Monday, December 26, 2016

Cold Again.

It was 34F at the San Jose Airport this morning when I dropped off my family at 6:20.  Lots of people checkin in on Southwest.  Shocked was I.  The sky is clear and the sun is now just up.  Gorgeous.  The ocean is a beautiful cerulean, and the east ablaze.  It should be a chilly day today.  With the sunshine, and lighter easterly breeze, it will feel warm in the right spots.  It might reach 60F in one of those spots today.  The swell from over the holiday weekend is fading out this morning, with maybe waist high surf left in town.  Not to worry though, as a new swell will fill in this evening an into tomorrow.  And the weather tomorrow will be much the same as today.  But with nice long period head high waves.

Wednesday morning will be not quite as cold, and by afternoon we should move into the low 60s.  Surf will be bigger as well.  With the winds continuing blowing offshore, it could be a nice fun day in the water.  And Thursday is looking even better.  Surf heights will drop a bit, but we could be topping out above 65F in the afternoon, which would be our highest forecast temp in a while.  Favorable sunny, warm (as in out of any wind, and maybe has some stone or asphalt radiating heat by afternoon) could see a 70F reading.  Toasty.  Get out and git sum.

By Friday, there will be some weather, but not on top of us.  The effect for us will be the ushering in of colder air.  The daytime high will drop back into the 50s, and even colder on Saturday.    By New Year's Eve, we might be talking about a chance of rain, or mountain snow.  The system lining up is a bit hard to get figured out right now.  It may be too far east to bring us rain.  It may hit the Sierra and not here.  Or just to the south.  Or north.  It is not a big state wetter.  I guess I'll need to return to this subject as we get closer.  For now, get outside and enjoy the bounty of Santa Cruz.

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