Sunday, December 11, 2016

That was a primer.

Two and half inches here on the west side between Thursday and Saturday.  Saturday afternoon saw the heaviest rain with rates up to a 1/4" per hour.  That is some pretty solid rainfall.  The last set of rain systems did not budge any of the drought.  It will be interesting what the next to reports show.  The 12 percent of the state that is out of drought is in NorCal, where even more rain fell.  Where we need this rain is south of us.  But rainy it will be for this coming week.  At least for us.  Another atmospheric river is taking aim, soon to be followed by a storm from the north.

Tomorrow will be a good day to get outside.  Mild temps, some clouds and glorious sun.  Get a glimpse of it, or you'll need to wait for the weekend.  Expect low 60s on Monday, after a crisp morning in the low 40s.  How chilly it ends up being will depend a bit on that cloud cover.  The more stars you see tonight, the chillier the dawn.  Tuesday begins like Monday, but with more cloud cover.  By mid day the AR will bullseye in San Francisco, bringing moderate rain for the evening, turning heavy after night fall.  The hose continues into Wednesday morning, before shifting more toward the north mid day.  Lighter rain could continue through the day.  We see a break late Wednesday into Thursday morning.  Then a strong northern storm picks up all that moisture and runs across all but the southwestern most portion of the state.  All in all we are looking at three to five more inches of precipitation this week.  And huge mountain snows.  More on that later.

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