Friday, December 16, 2016

One Plus. Sun Returns.

We received just over an inch of rain yesterday; most of it in the afternoon.  There were two notable squalls in the morning.  One around 9AM, and the other around 11:30.  Then the winds moved in.  And solid coverage of moderate rain from early afternoon past nightfall.  I was outside around 9PM, and it seemed like the rain had stopped.  Friday morning is gorgeous.  You can't see across the bay yet, but the blue sky is poking out.  We could still see some showers move through this morning and early afternoon, but should be in the clear by dark.

Before I get into the forecast, another thing to note is that on Wednesday, we collected .2" of water.  It basically drizzled through most of the day.  Much wetter than anticipated and forecast.  I had thought we might get a brief shower or two move through and bring maybe a .1", but this was a surprise.  Made it hard to vacuum my car as I had planned.

Anyway, moving forward, the weather looks like classic winter as we near the Winter Solstice.  It will be cold out the next few nights with temps a mile inland of the ocean dropping in the low 30s, near freezing levels.  This could bring a heavy frost in low, wind protected areas.  Especially those that don't get much sunlight this time of year.  Say, like the area near the train engine at Harvey West.  Or a nook of your backyard.  It would be wise to protect sensitive plants over the next few nights.  This is the time of year we see those Banana Trees look suddenly very unhappy.  Cool days in the upper 50s.  Sunny, mostly.

Things warm up, especially at night (Tuesday night low of 44F), by early next week.  We are going into a week long period of sunshine after today.  Maybe.

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