Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Warmer, then Colder.

Enjoy the warmth these next few days, as they are going away.  Cold air will be returning soon.  And a chance for some light rain.  Models keep flipping and flopping, so no one really knows what to expect.  We have a Rex Block off shore developing and this will start the cold weather engine and variability.  But lets look at the day to day.  It is a balmy 40F at 8:20 this morning after bottoming out at just about 38F.  We will toast into the low to mid 60s today.  Nice.  Thursday looks even warmer.  Get out and get that Vitamin D, yo.  By Friday we start seeing a chance for clouds and rain.  And colder weather.

That Rex will start driving cold air south from the Artic.  It will arrive here sometime over the weekend.  Afternoon highs will drop back into the upper, then mid, then lower 50s.  Lows will slide down in the mid 30s.  By the middle of next week, we could see a return to some freezing weather.  The real question is whether we will get rain or not.  As it stands this morning, it looks like we will see some light rain move in from the north around New Years, and last through Monday or Tuesday.  Light rain.  As in we might total only a tenth or two of an inch over multiple days.  Other parts of the state fair better for accumulation, but this is not a big rain maker.  Maybe an inch in the Sierra on the West Slope and nearly that much in the San Bernardino in Socal.  Dress warm.  More to come.

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