Saturday, December 17, 2016

Very Crisp, and Snow Report.

34F as of 7AM on King Street.  I forgot to house my Padron. Too cold to go out and see if it was damaged.  The crazy thing is that I planted it as a summer crop, but the thing keeps on going strong.  And producing.  Until maybe last night. Like I said, it is cold out there. It hovered in the upper 30s most of the night, before dropping around 5:30AM.  So, it will not be a prolonged period of cold.  Things should be warming up shortly as the sun comes up.  And we are going into a run of fair weather for the coming week. With caveat.

First, let's talk about the snow that fell over the last storm.   A solid foot to foot and a half fell above 9000 feet with the Thursday night system.  It rained up to 10k during the day, then the freezing levels dropped a bit in the afternoon, and then plummeted to below lake level by Friday morning.  Three inches of wet snow was reported at the base of Kirkwood.  The surface conditions are less than ideal, but the upper mountains are plastered with a solid base layer.  This is a good start, as long as new snow is able to bond to the existing snow surface.  Otherwise, the new snow will slide.  All in all, resorts got a lot of coverage above about 8500', which is good for the coming holiday break.  Now we just need a cold storm to resurface it all. If you are headed out to schuss, be careful at lower elevations (below 8500') where crees are still exposed and there are plenty of holes not yet filled in.

As we go into the weekend, things remain cool and sunny.  We will warm slightly next week, but expected to hang in the low 60s.  Enough clouds to keep the sunrise and sunset going epic.  Perfect winter conditions.  We could even see some swell return on Monday.  And offshore winds.  Storms try to move through to our north and east, but we currently look dry through the holiday.  More to come on that as we are talking about the 7-10 day range.  Stay tuned.

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