Thursday, December 8, 2016

Totally Different Morning.

Almost 50F at 6AM, with almost an inch of rain already on the ground.  Temps found a minimum of about 47F last night, around midnight, and began creeping steadily around 4AM.  It will warm up to about 60F today, which would be much warmer than it ever got yesterday,  which barely hit 55F.  Although, today, there is rain.  Always hard to tell on our radar, but there does not look like there is a bunch out the back.  Still. expect a fairly wet day, with light to moderate showers possible, which chances decreasing toward evening.

Rain showers are likely today and Friday, tapering off through the night and into Saturday morning.  It is possible, with a second wave hitting late Friday, to see some showers last until late Saturday.  Sunday and Monday look like partly cloudy and cool days.  Another Atmospheric River takes aim at NorCal early next week.  The forecast keeps moving this thing up and down the coast.  Best guess is that it hits some where north of us.  AR are narrow, but when they hit land mass and mountains, they disperse a bit.  This will be another warm rain event; likely warmer than than today's  If that AR hits further north, we will just see clouds.  If it shifts south, we could get a lot of rain.  A lot.  As it is right now those five inches should fall well north of here.  We will need to watch this as it gets closer.  I'll post up again tomorrow if I can, but will be traveling to he mountains for the weekend.  Not sure if I'll get a chance while up there, but stay tuned anyway.

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