Friday, February 21, 2014

Continued mild, then rain in the forecast. Yay!, maybe.

Gawd it is hot out today.  At least here on mainland Mexico it is.  Back in Santa Cruz (California, that is) it is quite mild.  Mid 60s for the weekend, with a bit of south flow on Saturday, brining a decent chance of fog.  It will be warm in the Sierra, with maybe 50F at lake level in Tahoe.  Not great for the snow pack.  Temps begin to drop a bit to start the week.  Fog clears out as well.  Low 60s early in the week and continued clear.  Clouds fill in through Tuesday evening, with a decent chance of light to moderate rain on Wednesday.  A good rain fall is expected for the state by Friday and lasting perhaps through the weekend.  As of now, it looks to clear out next Monday with high pressure filling back in.  Not loving that long term forecast, as we really need way more rain.  Hopefully the models are failing at this forecast, like they have so many times this season.  I'll take a more in depth look at things when I get back state side on Sunday.  Until then, enjoy those 60s.

Another pic of last week's snow to keep you excited for rain.

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