Monday, February 10, 2014

Put a dent in it.

Barely, but a dent none the less.  Portions of the state got plenty of water.  Portions got none.  I was out of town, so I can't really say what it was like in town.  It started to rain mid morning on Friday.  By early afternoon, we were on the road and on our way up to Kirkwood.  I can say it snow a lot, and that it even rained a bit at 7800 feet.  But basically it snowed a lot.  About six to eight feet of heavy, wet, dense snow.  This will be good for the skiers, and it will be good for the water reserve.  The northern portion of the state did very well, and some areas received more in this past week than they did in all of 2013.  So, what is on the way?  Actually, we look like we are going to have a fairly nice week of fair weather, with a few chances of storms poking through.  And we could have some improving surf conditions on the way with a touch of swell.  Looks nice, actually.

It snowed.  A bunch.  People are jumping for joy.  PM Gear Kusala Pows will get you there.

Tuesday it will be fairly warm, with a low in the mid 40s and warming up to the mid to upper 60s.  Some clouds aloft as a storms moves through to our north.  Actually, this is another atmospheric river, although a good bit weaker, and also pointed a good bit more to our north.  While this will pour water into OR and the extreme northern portions of the state, we might get a nice mini bubble setting up on us.  So, yeah, that means warm air, and some off shore mornings.  Wednesday should push into the upper 60s..  Morning off shores with a slight afternoon sea breeze will welcome a head high (maybe a touch bigger in the morning) westerly mid period swell.  Could be fun.  Thursday also looks nice, with the air a bit warmer and the surf a bit smaller.  By Friday we see a bit of a cool off with another system pushing cold air and clouds south.  Right now it looks like the rain will stay to our north with this system too, with more sun and warmth by Sunday.    But watch out for this one.  It looks like it could punch through the high pressure.  If that were to happen, we could see some rain sweep through on Sunday, which would also keep us cooler.  Mild looking to star next week.  But, several models, for several runs, suggest at a large scale, cold trough setting up about the middle of next week.  Could be another decent round of rain.  Not likely to be nearly as much water for the state as this last system, but this could be what we need to get the snow down to the lake.

So, in short, a decent week.  Warming through Thursday.  Hey, think we can hit 70F?  Cooler into the weekend.  Chance for cool rain Sunday, or sun and warming.  Looks like a quick thing regardless.  Maybe something big to monitor around the 20th.

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