Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Holy Crap! It is Winter!

I read recently about the over use of exclamation marks in blog posts.  It seems that many bloggers feel that way too many regular comments require an exclamation.  If feel mine, in the title today, are just and accounted.  While we did experience a decent atmospheric river event a few weeks ago, that was nothing compared to the coming storms.  Those of you who have prayed for rain are about to be blessed.  Not a whole lot of change in the forecast today.  One last tranquil day on Tuesday, but we will not quite escape the fog and cloud combo.  And it a bit cooler then yesterday morning.  This will be your last day to prepare for the rainy week ahead.  Pack in they yard, and get things stored away.  Pretend it is November or something.  Sporadic rain showers in the north by the morning commute on Wednesday, with widespread and heavier rain by the afternoon commute.  Thursday will see rain subsiding during the day, but the wetter, windier, cooler round two hits the state by early Friday.  Heavy rain last through the night and into Saturday morning.  Some clearing possible later in the day.  We are still looking at chances of more systems arriving Sunday, and now also on Tuesday and Thursday.  Let us get through the next few days first, then we will start to look at later in the week.

I just love this spot.  Natural Bridges State Park, Santa Cruz.

The coastal mountains south of Point Conception are forecast to receive over six inches of water by Monday morning.  Santa Cruz can expect about two inches, with the local mountains averaging four.  Several feet of snow in the Sierra, with freezing levels below lake level.  Not a terribly cold storm, but cold enough to get snow down to the base of the lower resorts.  If you are not an experience storm driver, you may want to hold off on going to the snow this weekend.  It will be slow going.  If you are a surfer, you will want to consider the run off we will be getting once this rain starts.  While some of the bigger creeks had a decent flushing a few weeks back, all lot of pollution is still waiting to get washed out to see with this system.  Bacteria levels will be high starting as early as Wednesday afternoon, and for sure by Friday morning.  And it will be victory at sea for the most part.  Might want to wait until next week when we could be seeing the start of some more long period west swell.  We plan to hit the Monterey Bay Aquarium tomorrow.  One of our favorite rainy day activities.

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