Wednesday, February 26, 2014

On Track.

A heard on the radio this morning some one say this is to be the biggest storm to hit California in three years.  I'm not sure about SoCal, but this thing will pale in comparison to March of 2011.  I had a post back then titled "Biblical." because the storm almost lasted for 40 days and 40 nights.  King Street was under 8 inches of water in spots.  That never happens.  This storm will not be that big, but it will certainly be the biggest since a run of storms we had in December of 1012.  But, with the way news in broadcast these days, with a sense of sensationalism, I can see why they choose the three year mark.  And I don't think the 12/12 system made much of an impact on SoCal.  Anyway, things are on track.  Light to moderate rain has already fallen on the west side.  Expect rain through the remainder of today and into the evening.  Best chance of a break in the weather will be late morning Thursday through afternoon.

A little snow stoke to get you amped for the coming storm.

Next, wetter, windier, stronger system to move in early Friday.  It may move fast through the area and allow some clearing Saturday, but it will drop a lot of water.  Snow in the Sierra in the 2-3 foot range.  Plenty of water headed down to SoCal, where the bulk of the system will hit.  This is very good news for our drought, as even with the AR event earlier this month, we were still below average for February.  This storm may be the boost we need to avoid being the driest water year on record.  It will not end the drought.  We need more.  But it will put a dent in it.  With the chances for more rain lasting through Thursday of next week, the prospects are feeling up.  Still not ready to make a call on the system maybe arriving later on Sunday.  A lot will depend on how these systems move through and how the temporary high pressure sets up.  Rain could stay mostly to our north, or give us a direct hit.  Hopefully I can get a better feel for it by tomorrow afternoon.  As it stands now, high pressure develops again around the 7th and last for at least several days, but models do suggest we could see more rain as we approach mid month.  Miracle March?  Hope is still alive.

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