Thursday, February 13, 2014

One hit wonder?

The potential for significant rainfall and mountain snow over the next week is decreasing.  Was the super washer of last weekend all we get out of the month?  I sure hope not.  I'd like another number one song please.  Even if it is not as wet as the season debut.  Before we get into all that, get outside first.  It is gorgeous out there today.  The sun is shining.  The birds are singing.  It is warming up to the upper 60s.  It is quite nice.  Tomorrow will start with a bit more morning fog, which will keep it a touch cooler, but we should still reach into the mid 60s.  Then some cooler air moves in as a storm tries to dive south out of the Gulf.  We still see a chance for some rain here on the coast, but with the storm still further north, and our back to the Santa Cruz Mountains, we may not actually get more than a drizzle in town Saturday night, into Sunday morning.

This guy charged me pretty hard when we were walking along the other side of the pond.  

 As of this morning's run it looks like we might get brief passing showers and Tahoe a few inches of snow.  It will be cooler with Saturday having a high of just about 60F.  Snow levels could drop down below 4000 feet by Sunday morning, so it will be a great refresh of the slopes.  If you head up for the holiday weekend, the best days look to be Sunday and Monday.  Things clear up down here on Sunday, and it will get quite nice.  Sunshine and mid 60s through Monday.  Could actually be some fun surf on those days with what looks like light morning off shores and mid sized mid period swell.

Storm for next week is looking less wet and weaker as well.  Still a chance for some variety of rain from Tuesday evening through Friday morning.  I'll post up more on that tomorrow or Saturday.  Looks like rain is still in the cards, but with fewer and lighter showers.  Later runs may push the whole thing further south again.  Time will tell.  And it would be nice, as with a direct hit we could get two or more feet of cold powder snow.

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