Friday, February 7, 2014

Wet, wet, wet weekend ahead.

Just a short post today, as I prep the car, family, and myself for a drive into the blizzard.  More water in the forecast this morning, and rain has already filled back in along the coast.  We are on the southern edge of this thing here in Santa Cruz, but we could still be looking at two or more inches of water.  Even more than that is expected in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  Be prepared to deal with downed power lines and that sort of mayhem.  With no storm like this since December of 1012, you never know what tree is going to falls once that soil saturates.  Expect some minor flooding, especially in urban zones that can't handle a bunch of runoff.  Part of the north interior portion of the state are expecting over ten inches of rain, or snow equivalent.  Thank you very much.  Snow levels are currently around 5500 feet, but will rise up above 7000 feet during the weekend.  Maybe higher.  We could be up in the (very) low 60s here on the coast.  Things will cool off again Sunday night, dropping the snow level back down below 6000 feet.  So that means we will be seeing plenty of water flowing out of the foot hills the next few days.  We get a break Tuesday, with low to mid 60s and sun.  Looks like another round could be on the way as soon as Wednesday or Thursday.  I'll post up more after tis weekend.  For now, I'm going to go enjoy the storm ride.

Snow ghost will be aplenty this week.

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