Monday, February 24, 2014

Increasingly increment weather. Power outages possible Friday night into Saturday.

Be prepared people.  This will be the first storm since December of 2012 that will have a significant impact along the entire California coastline.  This morning's thinking is the weekend storm will move further west into the state.  We should see copious rain from north to south, as well as west to east.  This is a good thing people.  This week's systems are undercutting the high pressure that is currently in place, with the jet directed right across us, then slightly south of us.  This big thing I want to share this morning is the strong southerly winds we will experience with these storms, especially on Friday night.  While the soil is again decently drained, just a few feet down on our slope, the soil is well wetted.  Things will saturate quickly with these systems, and by Saturday morning we could see the right combination of wet ground and gusty winds to start knocking down some trees and power lines.  If you have lived in Santa Cruz for a while, you know about these events.  It can take a will for PG&E to get stuff back on line.  And there is a lot of dead wood up there, seeing we have not had one of these events in well over a year.  These storms are quite different than the one two weeks ago that delivered a ton of rain to a very small portion of the state.  This one will be moving right off the Pacific and will spread a decent amount of rain across the entire state with many regions averaging over two inches.  About that much, or a bit more here in town.  A good amount more in the coastal mountains.  I would not be surprised is the best spots top 5 inches locally.  Sunday morning might be a good time for a waterfall hike, if we get a big enough break.  By Tuesday, it will be prime time check out the local creeks cascade.  Not much change from yesterday, but here are some details.

More flowers, more winter.

Fog did not really impact us in Santa Cruz this morning.  Should warm up nicely today.  If yesterday felt like summer, today feels more like winter.  Almost 70F and light winds.  Costco parking lot should top 70F and be toasty mid day.  Fog looking to rebound for tomorrow morning and much cooler.  Low clouds stick around through the day.  Rain on Wednesday.  Moderate south winds. I still think showers will be wide spread by mid day, but some spots will see in as early as the morning commute.  A good half inch by Thursday morning, when precipitation backs off a bit.  Clouds should continue but some breaks of blue could occur.  More rain fills in Friday, with very strong and gusty winds.  Parts of the coast could see 50-60 mph gust.  Big Sur should get hit the hardest, but we will feel it here in town.  Rain through Saturday morning, then the worst of it will be over.  Maybe a break late in the day Saturday and through Sunday morning, before a third, but weaker system arrives Sunday.  More on that one as we work through these first two.  It looks to be clear and warming by Tuesday.

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