Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The AR hits hard just north of us.

Heavy rain event now expected with some confidence for this coming weekend.  Over eight inches of liquid is expected along the coastal range just north of Point Arena.  Much less down here, but still a copious rain event.  Even by normal standards.  This is expected to be the strongest storm since December of 2012.  Back in that month, we had several of these storms in a row, starting around Veteran's Day.  So, currently, this is a singular system, and our ground is very, very dry.  Some run off is expected, but flooding is unlikely.  At this time.  We could have more upstream.  Wouldn't that be nice?  As for now, we have a smaller system to look at first.

This is my last one of the pre snow valley.  Chair 10.  Opening soon?  With another foot coming, we can only hope.

Get out and enjoy this morning, if you can.  Clouds will increase this afternoon and evening.  Showers may develop overnight, but the heaviest rain will show during the day tomorrow.  Almost an inch for the Santa Lucia and Big Sur.  Over a half inch expected locally, with a bit more in the Santa Cruz mountains.  This is a wetter solution than yesterday's.  Still a good ten inches expected along the Sierra Crest near Tahoe.  The skiing is just getting better and better.  Friday does not look like it will have a chance to develop much sun, with on system moving out, and another on its way in.  In fact, we could even see showers during the day.  The big one upstream could bring rain through the entire weekend.  We will take a look at this one more tomorrow.  For now, get out and enjoy that sunshine.  It might be a few days.

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