Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Yeah, so no seventy.

Truth be hold, I was feeling hopeful.  You know, for a taste of what we had a few weeks back.  Not that I want continuing drought, but it is nice when it warms up between storms.  Especially if you are not going to be skiing for a while.  But alas, that pesky fog, and some cloud cover, will keep us relatively cool.  That rain is well north of us.  But it like a hose again.  Aimed well at the northern portion of the state.  So that is good, as in more water.  We climb to the mid 60s today, and upper 60s Thursday, but you will be hard pressed to find a 70F reading in town tomorrow.  Fog will continue to linger along the coast this week.  It has been looking thick over toward the east side and Aptos the past few days.  Maybe less fog by the weekend, and another potential rain system breaks through the high pressure.  This one coming from the north west and bringing cooler air.

This a nice walk on a cloudy day.  Even handles a drizzle quite well.  At the best motorhome park that I know of. 

Still not that much of a chance of rain from this one in Santa Cruz, but we could see passing showers early morning on Sunday.  Thursday still looks the warmest with cooling through Saturday.  Highs to drop to the low 60s by then.  As the storm sweeps inland, it could pull in slightly warmer, wetter air.  Tahoe could get a nice few inch topping of colder snow to refresh the feet of cement that fell last week.  Cold set up for a nice holiday week of skiing.  Still, this thing is looking to be too far north to give us much water.  Monday and Tuesday will warm up a bit and high pressure will build and clear most of the clouds.  Big news is the maybe big, cold, wet(ish) storm that is possibly upstream.  Remember, the models have been all over the place lately.  They did forecast this past weekend, but not very accurately when it came to the timing of details within the storm.  But it was a huge, multi day storm, so, it was kind of law of averages thing.  But it did predict quite well the large scale features of the storm, such as total water, start and end times.  So, it looks like we could get a nice large low pressure developing int he Gulf of Alaska swinging cold rain systems right on top of us starting mid day Tuesday and lasting through early evening Thursday.  Will watch this one.

Was gonna go check the surf today, but tweaked the back a bit when I went to pick up my son in a shop this morning.  Took the 16A home.  Stayed on past our stop, when up the hill, circled campus, and go dropped off back at the bottom.  Little dude was stocked as he ate his lunch.  Anyway, cancelled surf check.  I hear there is some small surf, best early, when the winds are light and you can get in at the exposed coast.  Mid period stuff.  Not slop, but nice razor sharp lines either.   Looks like something more substantial is coming for the weekend, but if that storm comes across us, winds could be an issue.  Hell, if I could go this evening, I would.  No sign of returning to the awesome pattern we had back in January.  But that is a good thing.  The current pattern brings water, and more potential for water.

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