Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mid 60s, Mid 40s, Mostly Clear

Posting this up from Mexico, where it is much, much warmer.  Especially the water.  It has been a while since I felt warm in the ocean with just a pair of board shorts on.  Even when the waves are minimal, it sure feels nice.  Back home, where I was hoping we would get another 10 inches of rain while I was gone, it is now looking high and dry for you folks.  In short, mild weather.  Mid 60s for the week, with the weekend looking like the warmest days.  Mid 40s at night.  There are likely some clouds around today with a small system moving through to the north.  Rain is not likely for our region, although Tahoe could see a few passing flakes.  Not even really a dusting of snow, though.  NorCal should get some light rain into the early morning hours on Wednesday.  As that system moves through, Santa Cruz should clear out and stay that way through early next week.

Cars queue into Kirkwood as the storm clears after the first dump of the season.

There is still a strong suggestion in various models that we will see a pattern change before the end of the month.  Confidence is still low, especially considering how poor the models have been performing.  I will take another look at these over the next few days and post up a forecast later in the week.  As it stands now, we could see a southern shift in the jet stream with storms moving in right off the Pacific.  This is a good pattern set up for cold, wet storms.  If this were come to pass, we could see a week, or more of moderately wet weather.  This would be good for California and good for winter.  More later.

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