Friday, September 5, 2014

977, and dropping.

That low pressure up in the northern Pacific, about to cross the date line and encroach on the Gulf of Alaska is currently at 977mb.  And dropping.  Not too shabby for an early September storm.  Does it spell a change in the weather.  Not really.  That thing ain't gonna make it too far before slamming into a wall of high pressure and get sent up over the Klondike.  Or somewhere near there.  The backside of the high, where we are located will continue with the summer time weather pattern.  Some sun.  Today was almost sunny at times.  Looks like more of that is to come.  Sure, with that whole north westerly thing starting to turn on, you'd expect early morning clearing.  Yet the real gradient will stay well north and we will barely be out of the eddy flow.

SUP, Nubble Light.  What a lovely place.  York Beach, Maine.

Some warming for the weekend.  Lows continue to be about 60F, but the daytime will sees highs in the mid and upper 70s.  Woot!  A little cooler after Sunday, but yeah, not really.  There still is some interesting developments in the forecast for mid month.  Maybe a chance of some nice fall like weather as rain moves into the PNW.  We can only hope.

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