Monday, September 29, 2014

Autumn to arrive in all its splendid glory this very week!

If you don't like the heat, you may want to find some place to go.  Santa Cruz is to sky rocket up into the 80s, with a very slight possibility (but a possibility, none the less) of tipping the scales at 90F by Friday.  I'm so pumped on the amplification that is to occur later this week, that is is almost difficult to focus on the weather that will start the week.  But here we go.  Very thin upper level fog this morning basically peeled away just as the sun came up over the Santa Cruz Mountains.  What a lovely red sunrise we had.  Things expected to get "warmish" today, according to NPR, according to the NWS.  I'm just gonna say it will be in the low to mid 70s, with a moderate northwest breeze developing for afternoon.  Maybe some limited fog/cloud cover tonight and more of the same Tuesday.  By mid week we will begin to notice the Turn.

A light dusting fell in the Sierra Nevada over the past few days.  Yay!

No, we are not seeing a Santa Ana situation set up, rather, a high pressure that creates a bridge north of us driving northern storms into British Columbia, while pumping warmth into our region.  Winds are expected to go slack on Wednesday, and we will begin a moderate warming trend, with hump day pushing up near the 80 degree mark.  Thursday and Friday look like they will be the peak days of this warmth, with temps clearly in the mid and upper 80s.  You might even find a few spots getting a bit warmer.  The weekend looks to stay nice, but temps will moderate a bit, with Sunday dropping back down into the upper 70s.  

9:40 EDIT:  Fog was banked up against Aptos around 8:40 this morning, with a clear sky, and a shining sun on West Cliff.  Gorgeous.  An hour later, high fog has filtered back into town, and we now have the sun trying to burn through the moisture as the temps are warming up.  67F as I type, and expected to be much warmer in the next few hours.  NW flow is having a hard time pushing ashore this morning, so we may see some clouds linger through the late morning hours.  

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