Thursday, September 11, 2014

Rain in the FantasyCast*

Pretty typical nice summer weather going on right now.  Fog looked like it was going to sit heavy this morning with a low lay to it, but then, if as on schedule, it begin to burn off just around 9AM.  Warmed up nicely, and the breezes remain in the light to moderate range this afternoon.  An early season, small north west swell is in the water to combo up with an even smaller southerly swell for some chest high plus fun.  Nothing to get too excited about.  But the weather is nice, and should remain so for the next few days.  As long as you don't miss watching the sunrise too much.

San Mateo coastline.

A stronger gradient was being suggested for late in the weekend, but this morning's GFS run suggests a pretty slack pattern through the middle of next week.  No super strong high pressure to pump us up though, so fog could remain in the picture.  Something needs to kick it out.  Rain threatens the northern Californian coast late next week, but things look to fall apart before bringing the state the much needed water.  After that, it is forecast that a large strong high pressure will take over the western United States.  Think Santa Ana hot, dry, offshore winds.  Increasing fire danger is possible.  The real cherry is that rain is actually in the 15 day forecast.  A large Gulf of Alaska storm plows into British Columbia about 11 days out, and then settles south, crushing the high pressure, before plowing ashore with showers down to Point Conception, and measurable water from SF north.  One can only hope there is some truth to the fantasy.

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