Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ditto. And, Dudes!

Today really played out like a replica of yesterday.  Fog banked up behind Aptos, in the hills, this morning.  A beautiful sunrise over the mountain tops.  Then the fog began to march west, down to the water, across the bay, through town, and up the hill toward campus.  Blew out pretty quickly between 10 and 11.  Warm, with a stiff north west breeze.  I'd call it moderate plus.  But all that is about to change.  Done ditto and on with the dude!

If it were a bit closer, we would be at the Pot Holes on Friday.  Guess we will just hit the beach.

It is going to get hot.  Like seriously hot.  Starting tomorrow.  Well, actually, tomorrow is a transition day.  Any fog that does attempt to form tonight will be wispy and insignificant, so things will start to warm up early.  And while there will be another round of afternoon north west winds, they will never really get up to speed.  Highs in town and up the hill will be in the low 80s.  Maybe a bit cooler along the water's edge, especially with the afternoon onshore flow.  Then things really get started.

Thursday morning will begin with a clear sky.  There may even be an offshore breeze.  Some outlets are calling for an off shore event, but I don't really see that coming into play.  Typically, that would mean strong ENE winds in the early morning, turning more NE and lighter in the afternoons.  We will probably see light off shore east winds in the morning, remaining light an variable during the afternoons.  So the direct coast will remain in the mid to upper 80s.  Just inland, say at Harvey West, or Delaveaga, or Felton, or gulp, Saratoga, it is going to get brutal.  90s on Thursday, and upper 90s possible Friday.  Hey, at least it ain't Modesto.  Excellent beach weather, yo.  The weekend looks to be pretty darn nice as well, if a bit cooler, with Sunday back down into the upper 70s.  Hello October.

Long term, we slowly moderate in temperature as we enter next week, and could even see a little fog development.  Right now we don't see much of a wind gradient developing, so we might be in for some continued light wind.  You know, pleasant fall weather.  There are signs of a broad low pressure developing in the Gulf of Alaska next week and pushing east through mid month.  Could be a big rain maker.  As of now, the models seem to think it will douse the western coast from Oregon to the Alaskan pan handle.  Will watch and see if it decides to take a dip south.  For now, just get out and enjoy the awesome.

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