Thursday, September 18, 2014

It is that time of year again.

You can pretty much go for two, or three, or four, or seven, or eight months each year without much checking the weather.  I mean, it is really, really hard to predict fog action accurately.  Sure, there are days where we are sure we won't see any, and days we are pretty sure we won't see the sun, but most days of summer you can pretty much figure on a foggy start, with clearing between 6am and noon.  On the other hand, if you are one of the thousands that enjoy some sort of ocean activity around Santa Cruz, understanding how the northwest gradients, and south eddy flows effect our ocean weather can be worth paying close attention to.  For those who only notice the large, gross, changes in weather, often need not even look at a forecast until autumn.  Let us say that it is now effectively autumn, with the first rain of the season falling here in town last night.  I actually heard shouts of join last night as the rain swelled around 10:30 in the evening.  Ben Lomond received over 3/4 inch of rain last night, with many areas in the county reporting about one third inch.  Pretty cool.  There was a lot of variance in rain fall amounts, with Davenport report just .04 inches as off 9AM.  It will be interesting to look at how much fell in the coastal mountains to our north.

Perkins Cove, Maine.  A nice little harbor where summer feels like summer.  Hopeful for next week.

Clouds will linger this morning, and we might even see a few sporadic showers, but for the most part, the rain system has dissipated and shifted north east toward Idaho.  We might get lucky and see some sun later, but it will remain at least partly cloudy, and humid, through this evening.  Northwest winds fill in tomorrow following this system, an should blow out that fog around mid morning.  But we are not expecting a full on wind gradient settling on us, so light winds returning for the weekend.  Still have the fingers crossed for a high pressure off shore flow machine setting up for next week.    Stay tuned.  Could be summer soon.

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