Thursday, September 4, 2014

Stay grey, but perhaps fall is on the way.

South flow through the end of the work week keeps us grey through most of the day.  That cloud cover keeps us from getting too cool at night, helping those tomatoes to ripen up.  Lows just about 60F.  On the other hand, that cloud cover is keeping things from warming up too much during the day.  Highs are just tipping into the 70s.  But things look like they will change a bit for the weekend.

Sea grass, sea rose and the sea with a few lobster buoys.  York, Maine.

No much though.  And still summer like.  But with a little bit of a north west flow developing, we could see the fog lift a bit earlier, and those high temps rise a bit further.  Mid to upper 70s for the weekend.  It looks like the light south to west flow will return for Monday.  More grey.  For a while at least.  On a positive note, the fog has been heavy enough for some light drizzle early in the mornings, providing just enough water for most of my garden.  Anyway, we will have more of that for next week it seems.  When we start looking 7-10 days out, the GFS is forecasting an increase in activity in the north Pacific.  If, and when, a low pressure system moves into British Columbia mid month, we could see our high pressure settle up upon us, and give us several days of warmth and sun.  If and could.  Anyway, fight the mold and fungus, and look forward to the fall growing season.  It is getting about time to start getting those winter plots set up.  If you can plant in September, then you know your plants will be well established by winter.

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