Saturday, September 20, 2014

Round Two?

Little quick mid day Saturday look out the window confirms that the fog is still thick.  Can't see across the bay or the mountains.  Pretty damp out there today.  Very light wind flow out over the water, making for superb sailing and surfing conditions through out the day.  Hell, it is great sea life viewing weather from along the shore.  Maybe some breaks of sun this afternoon.  Not a whole lot of change to the weather through the early part of next week.  That bought of sunny fall like weather is going to be put on hold, but developing light to moderate north west flow will likely blow fog out a bit earlier in the day as we start the work week.  But the real news is another storm is developing in the Gulf of Alaska mid week, and diving south.  Again.

Summertime grey at 4 Mile Beach.

In fact, the NPAC is looking very active in the 16 day models.  Sure, a lot of that forecasting is pure rubbish, but the pattern is suggestive of active jet.  As it stands this morning we will have a slight chance of being brushed by another rain system mid to late next week.  And a third might swing through just to our north next weekend, with a fourth diving south again the following week.  I will be keeping an eye on these as we get closer.  My gut tells me the high pressure will keep them north of here, if only because it is still September.  But the really good news is it does look like portions of the state might continue to receive early season rains.  More on this as we begin the work week. For today expect maybe some sun, with a high in the low to mid 70s.  Warming over the next few days, but staying in the 70s.  Fog cover will keep our nights damp and in the 60s.  Cooler up the hillside.

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