Monday, September 1, 2014

Someone should tell summer that it ends on Labor Day.

It was a pretty nice weekend.  Warm in the Sierra.  Hot in the interior.  Not cold on the coast.  But that is all about to change.  A grey start on Tuesday, but with the northwest flow still in effect, things could clear relatively early, bringing the warmest day of the work week in the mid 70s.  South flow and more fog is on the way, and should be fully developed by mid week.  So, basically, expect cooler weather returning, with the coastal air conditioning in full effect.  Cool, grey mornings, with overnight lows not dropping much below 60F.  Slow clearing through the day.  On most days.  Some may be slow enough to not quite clear.  High of just about 70F.  This looks like it could continue into the weekend, just as a nice solid long period south swell should be peaking.

Now, that is a lobster.  Just off the coast of Ogunquit, Maine.  

By the following week, we could see a north west wind flow pattern return, but at least over night fog looks to continue.  At least from the vantage point of today.  What is interesting is the forecast of a low pressure system to move into the eastern Gulf of Alaska about 10 days out.  A bit early for this kind of pattern, but not unheard of.  And that is on the fantasy charts, so we have a while still to iron that one out.  It does not look like a rain maker for us, but if it were to develop, it would effect our sunshine in a positive, fall like way.  One can hope.

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