Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Warming trend through Saturday; continued morning fog.

The afternoon condition will swing back and forth between a moderate north west breeze blowing, and a light westerly breeze.  Early mornings will have mostly grey overhead, but just as over the last few mornings, we can get some sun on the south facing slopes very early if the fog is high enough.  Regardless, most days will be clearing early.  Well, early compared to not clearing at all.  Sun starts to break through around 9 in the morning on the west side.  This is actually great growing weather, especially for those tender vegetables like tomatoes.  A little bit of fog keeps the overnight lows from plummeting too low.  Clear nights cool off much quicker due to radiational cooling, where the open sky steals the grounds warmth.  Anyway, lows of just about 60F.  Highs build through the 70s into the weekend.  Some interesting stuff showing in the mid to long term.

Kirkwood Meadows.  

On the chart now, for the first day of autumn next week is a rain storm for the PNW and fine weather for us.  The first storm in the series has already been forced into the Aleutians by the summer time high pressure, and is sending us a small long period north Pacific swell to arrive later this week.  The second if forming further south, but likely won't get much traction on the water before being jetted north.  Number two actually act like a primer, weakening a spot in the high pressure, for a third system that is forecast to punch through, and feed off the energy as it heads toward to the west coast of northern North America.  Possible strong rain system to hit BC and/or PNW for around the 22nd.  Rain not likely for us, but we could see our high pressure pump up on top of us, to combat the low to its north, giving us those cool nights, fine sunny crisp mornings, and some real warmth by afternoon.  But of course, this is almost two weeks out, so really, just conjecture.  

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