Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Bonanza(!), alomost.

Precipitation keeps falling across the eastern edge of the state, especially in the Sierra.  Snow levels reported as low at 7000 feet.  Sticking to the ground above 8000 feet.  Over an inch of rain in South Lake Tahoe.  Over a half inch near the King Fire.  Rain fall does not seem to be wide spread though, with some locations reporting no new rain, while nearby a quarter inch had fallen in the past 24 hours.  But regardless, this is all very good news, and the fact that some of it is falling as snow means we may actually retain more of the water.  Or, at least it bodes well.  Anyhow, clear and breezy and warm today in Santa Cruz.  More rain/snow for the Sierra this weekend, becoming more localized around the southern end of the chain on Sunday.  And maybe wrapping back up into the northern corner of the state on Monday.  More water is more awesome.  Not much coming to Santa Cruz this week, though.  Just a chance of some off shore flow and low humidity for late in the week.  Let us just hope the fires get doused before we see a Santa Ana condition set up.

Shore Break

Things seem really up in the air for this coming week.  No rain for sure, but the type of dry weather is what is in question.  For the next few days it looks like we settle into this northwest flow thing.  So, some morning marine layer for Sunday, with it decreasing through the week.  We could stay in that pattern, or see either the gradient lift north of us, giving us calm sunny weather, or an offshore flow set up.  Either way, the second half of the work week looks brilliant.  Might be a great start to October.  More on that Monday.

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