Friday, September 26, 2014

Seventy Four Percent.

Rain moved solidly inland yesterday with even South Lake Tahoe recording precipitation.  Only one hundredth of an inch, but hey, it is on the other side of the crest, and this storm was supposed to stay coastal.  The good news is the region around the King Fire saw from half to a entire inch of rain yesterday.  Fire dangers briefly turned to flash flood danger in the burned area.  Containment is now at 74%, which is almost double what we saw on Wednesday.  In large part, due to the rain.  And while some moisture lingered about today, high pressure begin to push into the region this afternoon.  Expect some strong northwest flow tonight and into Saturday.  Things settle out a bit Sunday, but there is a chance for morning fog.  Boo.  The good news is summer like high pressure, with sun and warming on schedule for next week.  The bad news is it is not a fall like high pressure.

Summertime antics at the Pot Holes.  Snow should fall on the surrounding peaks tonight.

If you are headed to the Sierra tonight, you can look forward to some high elevation snow and chance of thunder showers.  The storm we experienced Thursday has shifted east, and the wrap around on its back side is sending showers up both the west and east slope, with the strongest activity along the crest.  More water for the state.  Always good news.  And maybe more on the King Fire.  Down here on the coast, we can expect some warmer temps tomorrow, but strong north west breezes will keep it feeling cool out. Mid 70s.  Sunday will be a bit cooler with the foggy start, but could feel similiar doe to less wind.  By the start of the week, we could be enjoying some upper 70s.  Night time lows continue in the upper 50s.  As the week progresses, we could shift toward a fall like high pressure, which would mean clearer nights.  Cooler, with more stars.  Also the added benefit of warmer days.  Harvest weather.  Cold nights are great for curing your squash.  Anyway, the rain was great, but we will need to wait a bit for any more.  Fingers crossed, as that has worked well so far.

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