Thursday, October 2, 2014

Drink water, there are signs of fall. And, yeah, even the NWS is coming around to the hotness.

NWS is calling for a high of 89F here on the westside today.  94F for Friday, and 91F.  Yeah.  And with light winds, and low humidity, that will feel pretty darn nice.  Down on the beaches, expect things a bit cooler, as it still looks like a very light onshore flow will develop in the heat of the day.  Late mornings will be pretty much awesome at the beaches, with the afternoons barely recording a half notch below.  Next few days look might nice.  More onshore flow develops from the NW on Sunday, and we will be noticeably cooler.  By Tuesday, we could see more of a summer time set up developing, bringing back cloud cover, fog, and perhaps drizzle.  Or, we could be lucky to see the ridge keep out the moisture, and more fall like weather continue.  But without the heat.

More jumpers.

Overall, things are looking like autumn around the state.  High are close in the valley and on the coast.  Santa Cruz will be warmer than Stockton this weekend.  But just by a bit.  The mountains are cooler, with highs at 8000 feet topping out in the 60s.  Lake Tahoe will be in the 70s.  And the NWS only issued Heat Advisories for the counties west of I-5.  Coastal, and near coastal counties, with the interior valley barely on the register.  All signs of fall.  Not summer like at all.  So, yeah, based on that, things are making a shift, and it will be more difficult to revert to summer like conditions.  Yay!

Still, our little fun with a heat wave ends Sunday.  Monday at the latest.  Very nice weather to continue.  Warm, not hot.  That big rainmaker that was on the fantasy charts for mid month is on today's run a huge bubble of a high.  So things are dynamic and far from confident.  Now to get ready to play outside.  Pretty hot out there already.

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