Friday, October 3, 2014

Chicken Fricken Hot.

97F in my driveway at 4PM today.  Sure, we are in a nice toasty corner of the city, but that is extra toasty.  What a gorgeous morning it was.  Expect more of the same tomorrow.  Throw in some glassy long period combo surf, and if you ask me, this is about as good as it gets.  So loving this fine start to fall.  If you don't love this stuff, or live in Salinas, or even Felton, and can't get up to that ocean edge, then you might prefer the latter part of the weekend.  No big changes in today's report.  Just a reminder to drink plenty of fluids, and make plans for a beach day.  Sunday will be not as hot.  Monday will be fine.  Tuesday it looks like the marine layer will return.  But not much of a gradient, so still kind of a shift to fall.  Temps in the mid 70s by Tuesday.  Might see another warm spell developing Friday and for next weekend.  No rain in sight.  Stay tuned for details.

Doubt any of that snow that fell last week is lasting in the mountains.  Near Kirkwood, California.

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