Saturday, October 25, 2014


Well, it rained.  It is raining.  In fact, parts of the local mountains are getting plenty wet.  Ben Lomond is already reporting three quarters of an inch, while Pt. Reyes Station has barely topped a half inch.  For a storm that is hitting to our north, what could explain this?  A split.  Last night the system broke in two, sending a portion of its old self south along the coast, while the bulk remained in the north state.  So, areas north of San Francisco may receive less than areas in the Santa Cruz and even Santa Lucia Mountains.  Cool beans.  As of 9:30AM, it does look like the front, and the bulk of the rain, has moved to our east.  Cool beans, as we are about to head outside for some adventure.  Still, the treat of rain, and maybe even some thunder, remains for the afternoon today.  No matter what happens, if you have a slicker and some stompers, you will stay mostly dry.  Or dry enough.  It is not cold, just cool.  Upper 60s will top out the day.  Sun for Sunday, as the name suggests.  More to come on the coming week.  But I'll leave you with this.  Sure looks like we are lined up for some sunshine and warming through Wednesday.  Now, get out side and stomp some puddles before they are gone.  That earth is soaking it up as we sit.

Barnacle rock, Drake's Island Beach, Maine.  Ah, summertime.

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