Sunday, October 5, 2014

Big Dipper.

Not so much the roller coaster, and more the warmth. Or, perhaps, I should be saying WOW!  What a weekend we just had.  And a Friday.  Stellar, stellar weather.  As long as you don't mind the heat, or spent a few hours at the beach, it was pretty damn nice. Did not het a whole lot of yard work done this weekend, but I did log a little water time, and beach time, and family time.  Even collected a little bit of wood in the mountains.  But all of that is about to change very soon.  One could even see the marine layer developing in the bay and off shore during the day today.  So, yeah, it ain't gonna be so super hot on Monday,  Just in the low 80s.  Any fog that does move onshore tonight is going to burn off nice and early.  But as we go through the week, things will chill down. Until they begin to heat back up.  Yeah, autumn is tough around here.

Reflections.  Red Cliffs.  

So, as we move into Monday night, a real fog layer should develop, but the slight north winds will blow that out fairly early.  Highs should reach in the upper 70s on Tuesday, and barely to 75F on Wednesday.  Oh, so cold.  But, them things begin to rebound, and by Saturday, we could be seeing that warm high pressure building us back into the 80s.  Maybe.  As it looks now, next week could have a number of hot days.  And remember that wet storm for mid month?  Back in the line, but hitting around the 18th.  So yeah, we might even get some rain.  Who knows?  Not me, but I will be watching closely, and reporting here.  Hope you had a good weekend, and spent some time outside.  Or even scored a few waves.  Speaking of which, combo swell continues to start the week.  So, go get some, and enjoy one last morning of sunshine.  For the time being

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