Thursday, October 9, 2014

Confidence grow for spectacular weekend, and then a rainy week for some.

First, tomorrow we will see the beginning of a nice warming and clearing trend that should last through at least Monday.  So we might be able to get away with complete fog less wonderment, but we will be warming back up a bit.  Mid to upper 70s for Friday, with Sunday peaking in the mid 80s.  As will the swell.  A decently tightly packed storm is spinning off southeast of the Aleutians, and it should bring nice head high waves to town, and overhead to double overhead surf up the coast.  Combine that with a little offshore flow, and the late weekend looks like another prime punch of swell.  Monday will be a bit cooler, but still another nice day, with minimal fog, light wind and fun surf.  Not really too much to complain about.

Speaking of not complaining, things begin to become interesting by the middle of next week.  The PNW is expected to start getting hammered with heavy rains.  The first system moves ashore next Tuesday, returning us to more of an onshore flow.  Or foggy mornings.  Wednesday we could see light rain moving through just to our north, possibly bringing us a light shower or two.  High pressure fills in behind it, returning warmth and sun to finish the week.  But, that high is being pumped up by a second, wetter storm lining up to slam the PNW late Friday, and possibly driving heavier rain south into our area for next weekend.  While these scenarios are still a 6 to 10 days out, the consistency in the model runs is driving confidence that more water is headed toward the state.  Or, in other words, you should focus on cleaning up the yard this weekend and early next week.  We could be in for some October rains.  We can only hope.  And if your yard is looking good, get outside and enjoy the weather.  This Sunday looks pretty spectacular with solid surf to ride or watch.

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