Monday, October 13, 2014

Living on the edge.

A whole bunch of rain systems are brewing and marching across the north Pacific this week.  We have some swell in the water thanks to the first one, which is running ashore some time tomorrow.  Three to four inches of rain for the OR/WA coastline, with some spillover into the northern reaches of California.  Pretty much all of it falling west of the Cascades.  Moderate rain down to Point Mendocino, with a chance of some light sprinkles as far south as Monterey.  Today we are seeing developing south winds from this system, and that will increase our marine layer, which is still hanging just over the water, and cool us down from yesterday.  Sunday was a nice one though.

Brooklyn summertime.  

High of 76 today becomes a high of 67 tomorrow, as fog, southwest winds and a mini cold front combine to keep us even cooler.  That chance of rain begins about mid day, and peaks just a few hours after dark.  Wednesday looks like the reverse of Tuesday, with near identical high pressure.  Chance of showers dissipates late morning, and the winds going from calm to northerly by afternoon.  Clouds should clear out before mid day.  Thursday looks nice enough, and mostly sunny, but not seeing much of a warm up.  Friday might see some slightly warmer air ahead of a second rain system that plans to scrape by just to our north.  This one looks like it will carry more water further south, but is currently modeled to drop most of that just offshore to our west.  Still, slight chance for more moderate rain later Friday and early Saturday.  Kind of promising.

Speaking of which, when we glance into the mid and longer term fantasies, we could be looking at a serious rain maker for next week, arriving mid day Monday, and lasting through Wednesday.  If we were to believe the current run, it would total up to about three fourths of an inch locally, with more in the Sierra with rain all the way down to a bit south of Point Conception.  Exciting, ain't it.  Don't hold your breath.  And don't hold it for the Santa Ana type high modeled for the following Thursday and weekend.  Just something to consider when laying out plans.  But if you do have some stuff in the yard you don't want getting wet, consider cleaning that up today.  And start getting your wellies and rain slickers out of the closet.  The wet season is starting to feel promising.

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