Sunday, October 26, 2014


Sometimes change is nice, but can recall enjoying watching Mork and Mindy in syndication. Re-runs basically.  And that is what we are in store for the coming week.  A lot of details remain to be ironed out, but basically we had a day of building high pressure on Sunday, and a few days of warming ahead, with Wednesday being the peak.  Temps will range from 70F to maybe 80F here in town for humpday.  Things moderate a bit Thursday, with an approaching trough for late Friday and into the weekend.  The past few model runs have about an inch plus of precipitation for the West Slope this coming Saturday, and a good half inch wide spread along the Central Coast.  If that were to come to pass, it would be the biggest storm yet this season.  And while we have not even yet made a dent in the drought, all these early season storms sure feel nice.  And the mid and long range show no stop to the line up, with low pressures clearly looking predominant into next month.  Cool beans.


So, for that short term, expect brisk north west winds today, decreasing clouds and warmer temps.  We should be seeing low 70s here in town.  A clear night tonight will really get things feeling crisp.  Lows will be in the low 50s, and upper 40s in the mountain valleys.  Some northeast facing valleys will get real chilly.  Hit repeat for Monday, and a warming begins on Tuesday.  More later.

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