Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Some fog, then more shine, then rain perhaps.

It is not quite summertime weather out there today, but kind of almost feels that way.  Last night, around 8PM, a thin low fog creeped into Santa Cruz.  At 10PM it was still 77F at the summit, but 59F at Pasatiempo.  That fog sure cooled us off, and when it peeled back from the west side before dawn this morning, it was quite chilly out.  That has mostly pulled away to the coast, and things will warm up into the upper 70s today.  Some light north west onshore breezes will develop today, staying just about 10 knots, perhaps stronger around the points and headlands.  Not quite kite boarding wind, and not quite surfing non wind.  Something in between.  The trend continues through the week, with a chance of sunnier and warmer weather by the weekend.

The Central Park Reservoir was looking more full than our local holes this summer. Pray for rain.  

If you like light winds, low to mid 80s and sunshine, then you have a chance at being happy this coming weekend.  Been great weather to ripen up tomatoes and this coming weekend, looks like a good time to plant some winter crop seedlings.  Not to hot, but plenty of sunshine.  We have our peas started.  And some lettuce.  Maybe we need to get in the broccoli, or Brussels sprouts.  Or Kale.  Anyway, looks like a good weekend.  Meanwhile, low pressure systems start developing in the northern Gulf, and begin moving southerly through the week.  Strong rain storms begin impacting the PNW around next Tuesday, with a slow creep toward our state by Thursday, and perhaps rain for our region by the following weekend.  Of course these storms are still way out in fantasy land, but it looks like a lot of water is coming to the west coast, with some of that making its way to California.  I'll keep an eye on this and report back.

For now, dress a little warmer in the morning, but plan for nice afternoons.  Enjoy the combo swells that are backing off in the water right now.  Mornings will be best, with lighter winds.  Moderate onshore flow in the afternoons, but spots in town should stay well protected.  Variations of the small combo swell to continue through the week, with possibly larger combo swell to build through the weekend, and a moderate sized north west ground swell peaking late Sunday.  Looks like a fun week of surf.  Almost too much fun.  So yeah, get out and enjoy what is on offer.  It looks like a great week.

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