Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Come Visit Santa Cruz. Now.

Nothing is set in stone.  Not with the weather.  And while the forecast models have been far from accurate in the long term, they have been better at predicting dry patterns more so than wet patterns.  Of course that might be because wet patterns are things things we read about in history columns.  Or so it seems.  But if you have ever wanted to visit here, or have wanted to have a world class surf trip, now is the time to come.  January looks very good in that respect.  Most of the locals are praying for rain.  Or snow.  But short of the impending drought, California is going off right now.  A solid 75F out there today.  Great surfing conditions, and some fun sized swell.  Overhead up the coast, and chest high or more in town.  That will slowly drop this week, but one should be able to easily ferret out some head high surf through the week.  Then bigger west swell arrives through the weekend.  The type of surf stories are written about.  Glassy water surfaces.  Long period.  Large amplitude.  Filling in not only on the open coast, but in through town.  Starting this weekend, through month's end, things are looking pretty nice.  Now, we know we can't trust the long term models, but this high pressure turns into a super beast of a bubble around the 26th.  We could see temperatures soar in to the 80s while epic swell drives into the coast.  Be here for that if you can.  But again, the long term models are not all that reliable.  But there is no rain in sight.  Just swell makers and outstanding weather.  Too bad.  We really need some rain.  More details later this week, but the mid 70s continue through Thursday, low 70s on Friday, and then upper 60s for the holiday weekend.  Right now, looks like we could warm again next week.  Geez.

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