Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Twas a balmy one today.

So, we headed over the hill to ride the amusements at Happy Hollow, and it turns out it rained there some time early Wednesday morning.  Not a whole lot, but the pavement was wet, and there were puddles around.  And it got quite a bit warmer than expected.  It sure felt warm out and the car thermometer showed 71F in SJ.  It hung around 64F here in town.  Still, felt humid almost.  Rain will push down the coast tonight.  It is dumping in Tahoe.  Mostly rain below 8500', but at least we are getting water some where in the state.  Anyway, keep an eye out for it here.  Should arrive by the morning commute.  Not a whole bunch in town, but a fair amount if you are driving over the hill.  And the roads will be slippery.  And people will drive foolishly.  Don't be a fool.  Drive carefully.  Rain showers should persist through mid day, and taper a bit in the evening.  Brisk NW breezes, especially along the water.  It will be cool tomorrow, in the mid to upper 50s.  A second wave pushes in later in the evening, and we could see a resurgence of showers Friday morning.  Low 40s at day break.

Lighthouse Field trees at sunset.

Friday will be a touch warmer than Thursday, but doubtful that we will hit 60F.  A clearing sky allows for a cooler night of around 40F.  Saturday looks to be mostly sunny, brisk, and chilly.  Overnight lows could drop into the 30s, but due a a little warming by next Monday, we should avoid any frost.  The chance for showers Sunday evening looks slim, with that storm likely staying off shore.  Another chance for storms next Thursday and again Saturday, but those look slim.  And right now, it looks like the high pressure to build back in for week 2, but the long term models suggest a large trough for the west coast week 3.  Not sure I'd place any bets on that.  Stay safe and try to stay dry the next few days.  Or maybe it is time to put on some stompers and a slicker and go out and enjoy the rain.

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