Thursday, January 30, 2014

Where is the rain??????

It came.  It went.  More might come.  Super light showers overnight here in Santa Cruz.  It dumped rain in the Sierra, then turned to snow late and dropped about 6" at 7000' and a foot above 10,000'.  More is falling, and they should have a snowy day up there.  The bulk of the moisture is just to our east this morning.  It looks like heavy rain around Yosemite right now.  Sun has broke out.  It should be a fine day.  We will see another round moving through later this evening, and showers could break out during the day today.  But otherwise, it looks pretty nice out there right now.  I'll get a pic up on Instagram in the next hour or so.  Follow me, therealweather on Instagram for regular updates and pics.

I'll get another, more in depth update for you later this evening or tomorrow morning, and will for report on the snow fall.  Lots of folks already planning to drive up to Tahoe this weekend.  A few things to remember.  First, this is not really all that much to get excited about.  Drive carefully, as a lot of Bay Area folks will be headed up there, and not all of them drive cautiously.  Be careful on the slopes.  Remember that we barely have a few inches on the ground in the best spots, and in the worse, it was just rocks on Wednesday morning.  Don't end up with powder fever and have a season ending injury before it even really begins.  And finally, be nice to each other as you try to get your snow fix on.  For those of you who plan to stay down on the coast, it could be a nice wintery weekend.  Maybe a waterfall is worth hiking to.  More later.  Stay safe.

Afternoon Edit:  It looks like round 2 (as in rain tonight) will likely be a bust, but Sunday now has a slightly improved chance for evening showers.  Beautiful evening out there right now.  Gonna be a pretty nice sunset I imagine.  Still keep an eye out for showery activity, especially in the north valley zones, like Sac.  And, if you are headed up to the snow, please be careful.  High Avalanche Danger is currently forecasted, and that means that even inbounds, sloughs could knock you down and pull you through rocks.  Stay safe.  Oh, and we are now talking about a foot at 8,000 feet, so those higher up resorts should have been nicely plastered by heavy, wet, Sierra Cement.  Funny how it barely rained down here.

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