Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Epic turns more mild with potential relief by month's end.

It probably does not feel terribly dry, living here in paradise with low to mid 70s, sunshine, pumping surf and what not.  But we need some water.  Actually, we need a lot of water.  But every little drop will help.  We won't get it this week.  Low 70s along the coast again here today.  Overhead surf all along west cliff.  Sunshine.  Epic sunset expected, because, why would that not be expected.  More of the same tomorrow, although a northerly breeze should develop, and with that will come a touch of cooler.  Let's say upper 60s.  A front that will be well to our north will keep us cooling through Friday.  Won't get too cold, just in the low 60s.  Saturday and beyond warms back up into the upper 60s.  And plenty of sun.

But this blissful run of weather will need to end some time.  The mid term is suggesting that we will begin a pattern change shift sometime early next week, as a low pressure system breaks through this high pressure, and brings rain to the PNW.  California mostly to remain dry.  Now, I'm not ready to commit to anything, but we could see a continued weakening and displacement of this bubble.  Then, depending on how things set up, we should see less idyllic weather.  And if it ain't gonna be epic, let's hope for torrents.  I need to get some inside work done after all.

At this point, all this is still too far out for me to even feel confidence in the pattern change.  This high has been around for some time.  I'll be watching the model runs this week and reporting up here.  Remember, my gut tells me that when it comes this season, it is gonna come in buckets.  Be ready.  But for now, go grab a stand up shack, or watch some one do it for ya.  We have swell all week.

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