Saturday, January 25, 2014

Loss of epic-ness update.

Another quick one this evening to get you thinking about the change in weather.  Barely noticed the difference today.  Sure, it was a touch cooler, and felt a bit more wintery at the beach, but the deck was quite nice in the afternoon sun.  More of the same tomorrow, although the winds build out of the north west, instead of the south west, during the afternoon.  The current swell drops further, as another one fills in.  Go figure.  Surf is up.  Mid to upper 60s.  Then this continues through mid week.  Upper 30s overnight, and upper 60s during the afternoon.  We could see clouds increasing Monday night, into Tuesday.  Clearer on Wednesday.  Less breezy as well.  Until the shift.

Lone Pine at night fall.  Lighthouse Field, Santa Cruz.

We are still a bit far out for much confidence given the season we are having, but Thursday could see a shift to actual rain fall by night fall.  I'm still waiting for the 18z, but if that has a wet determination, that would be 8 runs in a row.  Fingers crossed, as we need the water.  Storm develops west of us, picks up a moisture plume, and drives that at SF.  Not as wet down here, but rain through Friday mid day.  Some models suggest another wave or two over the weekend.  Most have us dry for the following week.  Things are starting to get interesting.

I'll take another look tomorrow and try to post up before bedtime, to get a better sense of what next week could bring.  If rain is in the forecast, I've got a lot to wrap up in the back yard.  I'm sure you have something to take care of too.  While this does not look like a major moisture train, it could still be more than we have seen since 2012.

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