Friday, January 10, 2014

High Surf Event Sunday.

So, let's talk about this big surf thingy for Sunday, as not much else of real excitement is going on right now.  I mean, we could see a few sporadic showers late Saturday or early Sunday, but that will likely stay to our north.  But the storm that could bring the precipitation is packing a whole lot of wind, and continue to look like it will develop quite a fetch later tonight and send a moderate plus sized north angles swell.  Current thinking is about 10 feet plus at 17 seconds.  That would be the biggest swell we have seen all year, but there will be a few contributing factors to consider as well.  First, this swell will be the third in a series developed by three small, but intense storms that developed in the very eastern Gulf of Alaska.  All three storms were close, so there is a lot of noise in the swell.  All three will still be around Sunday, but the biggest of the three arrives late Saturday and early Sunday.  It could be quite a mess up the coast, as the local winds will pick up on Saturday and throw a lot of chop on it.  OB will likely be DOH+, and quite a challenge.  Big wave spots could be pushing 15 feet or more.  But here in town, it will be quite different.  We face south.  These swells will be coming from the north and will basically need to wrap 140 to 180 degrees to get on top of our breaks.  Size will likely be running about head high plus on West Cliff, and smaller on Pleasure Point.  And it will be quite a bit cleaner the further east you head.  That all said, it could get bigger than this, and there will for sure be some rogue sets, so keep your eye on the water, and be careful when going out on the rocks.

Last winter had a few fun viewing days.  Fingers crossed for some big surf.

So.  The weather.  Saturday will be a cool one, with some clouds, and wind.  Still feeling like the rain will stay north, but let us say there is a slight chance later in the day.  Wind picks up considerably during the day.   Sunday will be sunnier, and warmer, but only by a few degrees.  Still looking at upper 60s Monday and low 70s Tuesday.  It should stay warm through Thursday, but as we head into the weekend, temps will lower down again, but not quite as cool as this weekend.  Still a storm way out on the horizon, so keep posted.

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