Sunday, January 5, 2014

Pattern Change Afoot.

Yeah, I know some of you are hoping to hear about strong storms hitting California giving us copious amounts of rain and snow.  Lord knows we need it.  Whether you be one who loves to schuss, or garden, or bath, or drink, we need some water.  2013 was the driest Calendar Year  on record.  This is drought folks.  Please conserve your resources, especially if you rely on well or cistern.  But let us take a look at this week's coming weather patterns.  A slow shift from the current pattern is going on.  You may have notice the surf disappear today, or the slightly cooler temperatures.  Our high pressure is starting to break down, and the big storms marching across the Pacific has morphed into weak systems trying to push south from the Gulf of Alaska.  We should get some smaller, northerly swell from these, but not a whole lot of that will wrap into town.  Monday looks similar to today, with sun and highs in the mid 60s.  Some cloud cover could develop by evening.  Might be another killer sunset.  Then a series of storms try to break down the high pressure.

Another of my wife's shooting.  Persimmon.  UCSC Farm.  It is beautiful here right now folks.  Simply Beautiful.

First one is on Tuesday.  Basically it is weak, lame, and will fall apart as it makes an attempt to penetrate the high pressure that has been sitting on us for most of the year.  Still, very slight chance for rain on Tuesday.  It will cool off the day time highs a bit, and push in a bit more cloud cover.  That dimple in the high will persist through the week.  Another attempt occurs on Thursday.  A stronger looking storm shows up later in the weekend.  At least Seattle looks like it could get a decent rain.  My gut right now agrees with this morning models, with pretty much all of precipitation staying away from our region.  Maybe the mountains will get a dusting of snow for a total of a few inches for the week.

Whatever.  We need a bunch more moisture than that.  At least we don't need to worry about the radioactivity from Fukushima as much.  That stuff will mostly be carried by rain.  More on that scary bit later.  For now, after this week it looks like the high pressure will rebound completely and send us back into that glorious warmth of mid winter.  Even looks like the good surf could return.  So at least the weather is awesome, the surf is up, and we don't have radioactive rain falling on us.  But we really need some water.  Even if it is glowing a little bit.

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