Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mavs to go Friday. Then epicness continues.

Gonna do a quick update, as the Mavs contest is a go for this Friday.  That means it is gonna be big.  One of the biggest days in the past four years.  Yes.  Big.  Unless you are a hell raiser, stay clear of that ocean.  You can't get real close to the contest sight any more after all those folks got nearly washed into the sea a few years back, but I am sure it will be streaming some where.  South winds might be a bit of an issue throwing on some bump, but with luck, we will remain on the clam side.  We are not seeing any rain, but the weather will be interesting.

Middle Peak in 2012, looking steely and inviting.  

Thursday will be cooler, with chance of some fog or marine layer developing late.  Could feel like a drizzle overnight.  Cooler air fills in behind on Friday as we struggle moving up through the low 60s.  South southeast light wind develops.  Bubble fills back in pumping in the warmth for the the weekend with a return to the 70s likely.  Could be feeling toasty again middle of next week.  While we sure do need the rain, it is hard to complain about this fine weather condition.

So, begining Thursday morning, keep an eye on the ocean if you are near by.  Surges from the first part of the swell could be severe, as we will likely start seeing some small amounts of energy in the 28 second period.  That mean three waves every minute.  Pretty far apart, but those things are thick, moving faster than a truck, and will travel quite a distance up a beach or cliff.  And the thing is, you can barely see them coming in.  Swell builds through the day becoming more noticeable, and over riding the existing waves.  Friday morning should be big.  A lot of places will be too big.  Middle Peak will be pushing the twenty foot range.  Scotts Creek will be bigger, and Mavs bigger than that.  Use extreme caution when approaching the ocean.  Swell subsides over the weekend, but we remain in the over head range for some time.  So, after Friday, and Saturday, perhaps, we return to big surf for us mortals, with clean conditions, sunshine and 70F afternoon temps.  It is hard to complain about this drought.

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