Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Monster date line storm generating monster surf.

Yup, it is gonna get real, yo.  Not that it has not been real.  The surf the past several weeks has been what us central Californians have come to expect during autumn and winter.  Finally.  And the finale of the current run of swell is going out with a bang, with a full on Mavs swell hitting us late tomorrow and into Friday.  Please use caution when approaching the water through the end of the week.  Swell slowly subsides over the weekend.  Not much on the charts as we get past this next swell.  But it is not like we expect it to go flat, but the big boards might go back on the racks for a few weeks.

Fall becomes Winter along the San Lorenzo River.

Still no rain on the charts, so please do your part in reducing water usage.  While I am still hopeful for the arrival of winter, and we do see signs of a pattern change, we are far from any confidence in any rain at all.  This is quickly turning into one of the worst recorded drought periods seen by the state.  Glad I'm putting a lot of gravel in my yard design, along with drought resistant plants.  Anyway, I'll post up more later as we move through this week of fine weather and will keep an eye out for any rain makers.  Go watch some one rip up the waves.  I did.  While paddling back out after a good one, I saw my buddy tuck into a huge tube just north of Davenport.  The view was actually better than anything I got.

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