Saturday, January 25, 2014

Epic-ness of local weather put on hold. More typical winter weather expected.

Man, that was good fun.  But all good things come to an end.  We will not be warming up into the 70s this weekend.  Upper 60s at best.  Could be even a bit cooler on Sunday.  Fog might even be an issue late tonight and Sunday morning.  Rain still looks to stay to our north, but a series of systems are approaching.  I will post back up this afternoon after getting a look at this morning's model runs.  But we are going through a pattern change.  Tahoe could see a little dusting of snow Tuesday.  We will need to watch as that system gets real close to us.  Another moves through late Thursday.  Enjoy the subsiding surf this morning.  It looks like we will at least be getting waves through the first half of next week.  More later when I get a better look and hold of the coming weather.  Be ready folks.

Sunsets have been going off as long as the epic weather has.  Been a good month to live here.

EDIT:  Quick note regarding next week.  After a very quick look at the early morning runs, it would look like the system Tuesday just scrapes by.  Likely some clouds from that one.  The Thursday system build offshore and runs over us.  Could be one of the more solid rain systems of the season yet.  Ha!  Like that is saying much.  Still, for now, lets us think about rain coming to end next work week.  We sure could use it.  More later.

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