Monday, January 27, 2014

Getting closer.

This rain storm is not looking huge, but it has potential.  Just a quick post tonight, as I will be taking a greater in depth look at the models tomorrow.  Past few runs do suggest an earlier arrival, and one that is moving more north to south.  Marin getting rain late on Wednesday, and Santa Cruz getting it mid morning, or so, on Thursday.  Not a whole lot of moisture for us in the most recent run, maybe an half inch.  The Sierra pulls in much more with two plus inches of water, or several feet of snow.  And this stuff will be the spackle they need to fill in some of those huge gaps.

Anyway, I'll take another look tomorrow, and get a sense of how this thing will hit us.  Surf is still running on the over head range.  Maybe a bit smaller than that in town.  Still plenty of waves to ride before you really consider the snow.  But maybe you should spend your free time getting that BBQ cover back on.  It has been a while since we had to deal with any real moisture.  Even an half inch will seem like a lot, and if the dynamics adjust, we could see even more.

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