Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Western Drought?

If it were not for the big water year of 10/11, we would be upon some very hard times right now.  Last winter it basically stopped raining at New Years.  The previous, it did not begin until after MLK Day.  The few years prior to 10/11 were no record setters themselves, with several with significantly below average rain fall.  While we did get some water already this season, it has been very minimal, and here is not a whole bunch in the forecast.  Some are concerned that this is a result of Global Climate Change.  What ever your perspective on that subject, it is important to remember that historically our rain, and snow fall, is variable.  While snowfall in the Sierra averages about 450 inches every winter, 85% of winters get as little as 250 inches and up to 750 inches.  So far, what we are experience this season would not be considered abnormal.  Just a bit on the dry side.  In fact, last season (12/13) fell well within the norm, even though the 2013 calendar year was the driest on on record.  Anyway, it looks like we will will be rain free this week, but that does not mean that our weather is going to be as perfect as it was during the holidays.  Hopefully you had out of town guest visiting whom you could show off our lovely town to.  Maybe now they understand why you pay that ridiculous rent or mortgage to live here.

One of my favorites from the fall.  Not sure if I posted this one here.  4 Mile Beach.

More cloud cover today.  It will not quite clear our completely this week, but more sun is expected on Wednesday.  Cooler as well.  Low 60s today, and we might even stay in the upper 50s on Wednesday.  Overnight lows continue to hang in the upper 30s.  Cloud cover will keep us from cooling off too much.  Things warm back up into the low 60s Thursday and through the weekend.  The offshore conditions that have kept our weather so pleasant will shift more onshore later today and stay that way through Thursday or so.  Morning off shores could return Friday and Saturday, but another system threatens our region Sunday.  No rain expected.

We could return to epic weather by next week.  Then storms the following week.  Of course, the mid and long term are not reliable, so check back here.  Heck, the short term is not super accurate, so check back here soon.  BTW, best chance for drizzle this week would be Thursday, but things look dry for now.  More mid size surf is on the way as well.

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